Get Your Garden Ready for Spring and Summer

Professional Garden Maintenance, Landscaping and Gardening Services Cambridge

With the arrival of spring, homeowners and businesses are looking to refresh their outdoor spaces for the summer sunshine. From planting colourful flowers to maintaining lawns and garden beds to clearing up the Winter’s debris and mossy patios.

Our Spring garden and landscape services are essential to creating beautiful, lush outdoor spaces.

Spring Garden Services Cambridge

Spring is the perfect time to kickstart a dormant garden. A professional spring garden service will help you select the right plants, soil, and fertiliser to ensure a healthy and thriving garden. Spring gardens are all about new growth, and garden professionals can help you choose a combination of greenery and flowering shrubs and plants that bloom in different seasons, ensuring your garden stays vibrant throughout the year.


If you’re looking for a green, healthy Summer lawn our Turfing Services are perfect for this time of year. The best time to have your turf installed is from Spring to late Summer as we have the most sunlight to promote the growth and root your lawn before the Winter months as the grass will go dormant due to lack of sunlight.

Planting Shrubs / Trees / Hedges

Spring is the perfect time to give your garden a fresh start and get those shrubs, trees, and hedges looking their best. Let our expert, local gardeners help you with all your Spring gardening needs. We offer a range of services, including pruning, shaping, and fertilising, to keep your plants healthy and vibrant. Whether you need help with a single tree or an entire garden full of shrubs, we’ve got you covered.


We also take care of:

  • Lawn cutting: keeping your lawn from overgrowing and patching
  • Edging: maintaining the edges of your lawn to prevent it from encroaching on beds and surrounding areas
  • Turning soil: ensuring that soil is healthy and aerated for optimal plant growth
  • Weed control: killing weeds at the source to prevent the spreading and suffocating of existing plants, shrubs, and vegetables
  • Pruning: controlling the growth of plants and bushes, including tough ones like rose bushes, to promote healthy growth without harming the plants themselves
  • Hedge trimming: maintaining an aesthetically pleasing shape for your hedges, whether they are thick, tall, or require regular trimming

If you are starting a garden from scratch, our professional landscaper can help you design your garden and choose the right plants for your space.

Landscape Gardeners Cambridge

Spring is also a great time to refresh your outdoor space with new landscape features such as patios, pathways, fencing and garden beds.

A beautiful landscape can increase your property value and provide a relaxing outdoor environment for your family and friends. Our professional Cambridge landscape designers can create an outdoor living space that complements your home’s architecture and meets your specific needs.

Garden Maintenance Cambridge

Maintenance services are essential in keeping your outdoor space healthy and beautiful. Regular maintenance includes lawn care, pruning, weeding, and fertilising. A professional maintenance service provider will develop a customised maintenance plan that suits your specific needs.

Regular lawn care includes mowing, edging, and trimming, ensuring your lawn stays healthy and green. Pruning is essential in keeping your trees and shrubs healthy and preventing them from overgrowing. Weeding is also important in maintaining a healthy garden, as it prevents weeds from competing with your plants for nutrients and water.

Fertilising is the process of adding essential nutrients to your soil to promote healthy plant growth. A professional maintenance service provider will help you choose the right fertiliser for your plants and ensure it is applied correctly.

Spring Jet Washing Cambridge

Spring is the perfect time to give your outdoor spaces a fresh start after the Winter, and at Edge & Cut, we have been providing professional jet-washing services for many years. Our team offers a safe and efficient service, using a range of professional tools to clean everything from walls to patios. We offer a variety of services including patio washing, garden path cleaning, and brickwork and wall cleaning.

Over time, patios and other outdoor surfaces can build up with moss and garden residue, which can become extremely slippery when wet. The only effective way to get rid of this build-up is through pressure washing, and our team is equipped to handle all types of filth and stains.

Give your outdoor spaces a fresh start this Spring with our professional jet-washing services in Cambridge and surrounding areas.

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