Patio / Driveways

Edge & Cut have a wealth of experience in laying new patios and garden paths. The right patio can make or break a garden landscape, and our designers take great care designing one that suits your tastes, your house and you garden design. With a huge variety of textures, colours and slab size to suit any require-ment, we can advise on what we think works best, to blend or contrast your garden style.
A professionally-laid patio or driveway will ensure the longest possible life, as this is usually the part of a garden that sees the most footfall

What to Consider


There are a huge variety of colours for paving slabs, pebbles and gravel. Depending on whether you are paving an area of your garden to divide it, or for a front driveway, there are considerations in terms of existing and background colour. With pebbles, the addition of some brighter or darker stones into a mix can make a massive difference, brightening up what can sometimes appear quite a grey option for driveways. We have a wealth of experience in helping our customers choose the colours that make the most sense to their houses and gardens.


As with colours, there are more sizes and shapes of paving slab and pebble than customers are usually aware of. A well-sized paving slab can turn a functional walkway into a real feature of a garden. And variation in shine, size and shape of pebble can really draw the eye, making them a focal point.


In terms of type of slab or pebble, the most common consideration is cost, which varies wildly depending on what you want. We can provide a full and comprehensive list of colours, sizes and types of patio and driveway, as well as offering a consultation and quotation service which takes into consideration budget, layout, size and frequency of use.