Garden clearance

A garden overhaul can be a large job, particularly if there’s a lot to clear. Our clearance services range from small back garden to business site clearances, and can include the supply of heavy duty clearance machinery to diggers, excavators, rotators and dumpers. We can also provide skip and disposal.
Whether it’s a new property or a complete overhaul of an existing garden, Edge & Cut will provide the knowledge as well as the machinery to ensure that a thorough, professional job is done and you can start to plan for your new area.
We are specialists in garden logistics, so the first service we always provide is a planning service; working out a way to make your garden clearance as quick and efficient as possible, with the minimum amount of disruption. We then make sure that everything is properly cleared; we take the time to ensure that all roots from plants for removal are carefully removed, and that all green waste has been tidied and removed.

Our Services

Breaking up and removal or patios and concrete paths / slabs – we take away any remaining rubble or debris so that you don’t need to worry about it.

Knocking down walls and safely disassembling without harming the surrounding plants and / or trees.

Clearing bushes and plants – a lot of bushes root themselves deeply and spread across large areas of garden. We have the skills and equipment to dig them out from the root, without harming adjacent sections of garden.

Turf removal – Leaving the ground underneath as you would want it, and clear of any rogue grass or plant roots that may re-sprout in the future.