Designed to enhance any garden, timber decking has a great aesthetic appeal – there is no denying that a well-maintained timber deck, with its stunning colours is a thing of beauty.

Timber decking is designed to enhance any garden, regardless of size, layout or colour. Decking has great aesthetic appeal, not to mention how pleasant it is to have an outdoor seating area in your garden, from which you can admire the rest of your landscaped features. A timber deck in particular is a visual delight, with its stunning colours truly making it a thing of beauty that complements a garden brilliantly.

Decking is a low maintenance and a stunning way to use up space in your garden and create a seating area, as well as a safe place for children to run around and play. When installed correctly, using quality material, decking is durable and extremely easy to look after; you should only have to pressure wash it once a year, sometime between spring andautumn.

Benefit of having Decking
  • low maintenance
  • Slip resistant
  • Durable
  • Attractive


Decking doesn’t pick up dirt, fungus or weeds as it is treated before installation. As a good quality of wood is typically used for decking, it is extremely long-lasting – even more so when it is well-maintained. We are happy to provide comprehensive maintenance advice, including specific products you should consider using. We also include decking resealing and cleaning as part of our garden maintenance services


Grooved decking is firm under-foot and provides good drip, meaning that there is no danger of you, children or more elderly people slipping over on it. This is also true in rainy conditions, when the surface won’t retain standing water, which can cause problems.


You don’t need to worry about covering your decking; it is weather and heat-resistant and won’t suffer under a large amount of footfall. Decking timber is designed to be extremely durable and resistant to wearing and woodworm.


We can give you advice on colour variations to suit your garden, but whatever you choose, the natural brown of the timber that is used provides wonderful matching with tree and bark colours, and a delightful contrast to brightly-coloured flowers and plants.