Garden maintenance

Edge & Cut will undertake all your gardening needs, from small grass cuts to clearing leaves.These are few maintenance services we offer, there are many more at low rates. We are very reliable and loyal to our customer and treat every garden as our own.

Types of Garden Maintenance Service

Planting – ensuring that soil type, planting distributions and seedling care is all accounted for. We can also help you plan a planting schedule, ensuring that you have the right vegetables at the right times, or that your garden always has some colour, no matter the season.
• Lawn cutting – Keeping your lawn in check, preventing overgrowing and patching.
• Edging – Maintaining the edges of your lawn to stop it tufting or encroaching on beds and surrounding areas.
• Turning soil over – Ensuring that soil is aerated and healthy so that plants always grow well
• Weed control – Killing weeds at source to make sure that they don’t spread and suffocate your existing plants, shrubs and vegetables. We are extremely experienced at identifying different types of weed and keeping them in check
• Pruning – Some of the toughest plants and bushes – rose bushes, for example – can be difficult to control, as they grow quickly, with thick, sharp stems. We prune all types of plant and bush so that they are under control and not over-pruned, which can harm the plants themselves and stunt growth.
• Hedge trimming–You will need to have your hedge trimmed professionally if you want it to retain an aesthetically pleasing shape, or if it is particularly thick or tall. Give us a ring and we can arrange a one-off or regular (usually 3-6 monthly) trimming service.
• Leaf clearing (seasonal) – Keeping your garden clear of leaves, which can be quite a big job in Autumn, if you have several deciduous plants and trees.