The Benefits of Professional Hedge Trimming & Cutting in Cambridgeshire

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Hedges are a great way to add beauty, privacy, and value to your property. They can also enhance the biodiversity and ecology of your garden, by providing shelter and food for birds, insects, and other wildlife. However, hedges also require regular care and maintenance, to keep them healthy, attractive, and under control. That’s why you need a professional garden maintenance or hedge trimming service, such as Edge & Cut, to take care of your hedges for you.

Here’s what to expect from hiring professional garden maintenance services in Cambridge

Get Expert Advice and Quality Results

A professional hedge-cutting service offers knowledge and experience to handle any type of hedge, from evergreen to deciduous, from small to large, and from formal to informal. They can also advise you on the best time and frequency to cut your hedges, depending on the species and the season to avoid damaging growth and shape.

A good hedge-trimming service can also ensure that your hedges are cut and trimmed to any design you desire, from straight and square to curved and round. They can also create decorative hedge designs, such as arches, spirals, and other shapes.

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Enjoy Better Looking Hedges

Another benefit of regular hedge maintenance is that it can improve the health and strength of your hedge over time.

By cutting off dead or unnecessary branches, you’re allowing the hedges’ nutrients and energy to flow to the healthy parts of the plant, which will make it grow back denser and stronger. Trimming frequently can also prevent your hedges from getting too heavy on the top, which can cause them to fall over in strong winds.

Protect Your Hedges and the Environment

Hedge cutting can also benefit your hedges and your environment, by preventing diseases and pests, like box hedge caterpillars, and overgrowth. Hedge cutting can improve the air circulation and light penetration for your plants, which can boost their growth and health. Hedge cutting can also prevent your hedges from encroaching on your neighbours’ property, or blocking your views or access.

Hedge pruning can also reduce the fire hazard and noise pollution caused by your hedges. A professional garden maintenance service can also ensure that your hedge waste is disposed of properly in an eco-friendly way.

Want to Transform Your Garden Instantly?

If you want to transform your garden without waiting for years for your hedges to grow, you might want to consider instant box hedging or instant hedging troughs.

Instant hedges are mature hedging plants that are delivered and planted in your garden in a matter of hours. They provide immediate privacy, security, and beauty for your property.

Edge & Cut offers instant box hedging in Cambridge and nearby areas. We can supply and install a variety of instant hedges from Beech Hedge, Yew Hedge and other mature hedging and can also help you choose the best instant hedges for your landscaping design needs.
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