Bad Weather Damaged Your Fence?

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If you live in Cambridgeshire or other parts of East England, you may have experienced the effects of the recent storms that have recently swept across the UK (January 2024). High winds and heavy rain have caused widespread damage to properties, requiring the need for emergency fence repairs. 

If you find yourself among the unlucky ones dealing with a fence in need of repair, we can help!

The Impact of Wind and Rain on Fences

Severe weather, particularly strong winds and rain, can inflict structural damage on fences and garden buildings. The force of the wind may lead to holes or panels flying away completely, while persistent rain and a luck of sun, increases the risk of wood rot.

After intense storms, rain or wind, it’s important to do a quick inspection of your perimeter fencing and make a note of the issues that require attention before they get worse or cause injury,

Post-Weather Inspection: A Quick Checklist

1. Panel Assessment: Conduct a meticulous inspection of each panel for holes or cracks, prioritising efficient replacements over intricate repairs.

2. Base Inspection: Examine the base of posts for pooled water, indicative of softened ground and potential instability, addressing issues promptly through our emergency fence repair service.

3. Foundation Stability: Verify the stability of fence bases, especially after swaying caused by winds, which may displace soil and compromise integrity.

4. Hardware Check: Inspect screws and hinges for rust, damage, or misalignments, prioritising the use of high-quality materials in our fence repair services.

Fence Maintenance is important

Timely post-weather fence maintenance is critical for resilience. At Edge & Cut, we offer specialised and emergency fence repair services in Cambridge, ensuring your property remains safe and secure. For a reliable and efficient fencing service, choose Edge & Cut. 

Don’t delay in getting your fence repaired

Delaying garden fence repair can put your safety at risk, lead to property damage, and result in disputes with neighbours. Invest in timely repairs to protect your property and avoid costly repairs down the line. 

So, if you’re experiencing any issues with your garden fence, take action and repair it as soon as possible. Contact Edge & Cut today for prompt, reliable, and high-quality fence repair services in Cambridge. 

Your garden sanctuary deserves the best – secure it with Edge & Cut.

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