Get Your Lawn Ready For Summer With Our Top Tips

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As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, it’s time to start thinking about getting your lawn in shape for summer. A beautiful, lush lawn can be the centrepiece of your garden, but it takes a bit of effort to get it looking its best. Fortunately, our team at Edge & Cut has put together some top tips to help you prepare your lawn for summer 

Tackle Moss and Infestations

Moss is a common problem in lawns, and it can be a sign that something is suppressing the growth of your grass. Rather than applying chemicals, we recommend changing the conditions to allow your lawn grasses to outgrow the moss. This starts with aerating, scarifying, feeding, and overseeding in early spring – you still have time in late Spring.

Aerate the Soil

Compacted soil that doesn’t drain well is a perfect environment for moss to grow. Aeration creates little holes in the soil, allowing air to reach the roots and water to percolate through the soil. You can hire an aerator or ask a lawn care professional to do the work for you.

Scarify to Get Rid of Debris

Scarifying your lawn in spring is like giving it a good spring clean. It clears all the moss, dead leaves, and weaker plants out of the lawn, allowing the soil to breathe. You can hire a scarifier from your local tool hire shop or ask for professional help.

Give Your Lawn a Good Feed

Just like us, our pets and other plants and trees in the garden, the health and performance of your lawn are largely dependent on its diet. Regular application of good quality lawn feed is a must, especially in spring. If your lawn is particularly weak, we recommend supplementing the feed with a seaweed tonic. If you need a complete lawn treatment service, we’re happy to help.

Start a Sensible Mowing Regime

The way you mow your lawn can make a big difference in its health and appearance. For a healthy, lush lawn, raise your mower blades to no less than 5cm in early spring, and mow little and often. As the growing season gets into full swing, you might find yourself mowing twice a week. A qualified lawn care professional can help you with this and other physically demanding tasks if you struggle.

Get Professional Lawn Care Services from Edge & Cut

Preparing your lawn for spring and summer can be physically demanding, and some tasks require specific tools and expertise. If you don’t have the machinery or experience needed, hiring a qualified lawn maintenance professional is a wise investment. 

At Edge & Cut, we offer a range of garden, landscape, and lawn maintenance services in Cambridge and the surrounding areas. 

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